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Marsha's Soap Opera DVDs!

SINCE 2003!


Updates!!! July 16, 2015

DAYS: 32 more discs have been added. I now have all of 1994 and January-May 1995.

OLTL: More episodes from 1987 & 1992 have been added.


Jack and Jennifer #35 (Jan 25-February 14, 1991) is now completed.

Updates!!! July 14, 2015

B&B: 15 more discs have been added. I now have the first 250 episodes.

OLTL: The rest of 2002 has been added as well as 2003 through September.

Updates!!! July 19, 2014

DAYS: 1 new dvd added from 1965.

OLTL: 6 new dvds added from 2002.

Updates!!! July 14, 2014

GL: 15 new dvds added from 2003. July-September & November

RH: 4 dvds added (Episodes 606-627)

Update!!! July 1, 2014

With bravehost having shut down, the site is now completely moved over to Angelfire. Any previous bravehost links will no longer work. I've finished redesigning the site and am finally back to trading. Thanks to everyone for the patience while I undertook this project. The site still needs to be updated with latest additions. In the meantime, if you have questions about any shows or if interested in trading, feel free to EMAIL ME!

Updates!!! April 14, 2013

A LOT of new additions!!

GH: Episodes from The rest of 1990 has been added along with more dates from 1986 & 1989!!!

DAYS: More episodes of September-October 1992 have been added!!

GL: 2 more discs from April 1979 have been added!!

OLTL: More episodes from 1991 have been added!

RH: Episodes 484-605 have been added!!


Luke & Laura has been added!

Dante & Lulu have been added!

More Spinelli and Maxie edits have added!

More Robert & Anna edits have been added!

More Lucy & Alan-Michael edits have been added!

More Roger & Holly edits have been added!

More Blake & Ross have been added!

More Jack & Jennifer edits have been added!

Updates!!! March 10, 2013

GH: Episodes from 1985, 1986 & 1989 have been added!!!

OLTL: More episodes from 2001 & 2002 have been added!

B&B: 10 more discs have been added! Episodes 126-175

Updates!!! November 2, 2012

DAYS: One missing week from 1987 has been added. 1987 is now complete and in GREAT quality. More great quality 1989 episodes have been added. More 1992 episodes have been added, I now have Jan-June 12th all in great quality

GH: June-end of 1982 has been added as well as January 1983

OLTL: The rest of 1990 has been added along with January-October 1991. February-May 1992 + July 18-21, 1994 & December 26-April 2002

B&B: 5 more discs have been added. Episodes 101-125

GL: A few dates from 1988 & 1987. Along with 2 discs from January 1981 of the Jennifer Richard's Trial

AMC: Dates from January-April 1992 have been added

Updates!!! August 27, 2012


Lucy & Alan-Michael Edits have been updated!

Roger & Holly Edits have been updated!

GH: Full episodes added: March-June, 1982

Updates!!! August 18, 2012

DAYS: More episodes from February 23-April 11, 1988 in better quality and several more from 1992 in better quality have been added. February 13-May 8, 1992.

GH: February 10-March 12, 1982 has been added!

OLTL: A replacement disc has been added. May 23-31, 2001 are now all the correct dates!

*The site should be up to date. The DAYS discs from 1990/1991/1992 still need to be updated on the correct dates for each disc. Other than that the listing is accurate.

Updates!!! August 9, 2012

GL: Rest of 2006 has been added, it is now complete!

DAYS: More episodes from January-February 1984 and a few from November-December 1983 have been added. More Jan-February 1988 has been added!

GH: More March-June 1981 has been added!

OLTL: More 1990 from May-September has been added! More October 2001 episodes have been added!

*The site should be up to date. The DAYS discs from 1990/1991/1992 still need to be updated on the correct dates for each disc. Other than that the listing is accurate.

Updates!!! July 28, 2012

GH: September 31-December 31, 1981 has been added. December 1991 has been added. 1991 is now complete!

DAYS: More 1984, 1985 & 1986, 1987 & 1988 added.

1985 & 1987 are complete with the exception of one week missing from each! 1986 is now complete!

*I've noticed that the listing of some of my DAYS dates aren't completely accurate. I will be going through & updating the list with the correct dates. This process should be complete very soon. Until then, if you have any questions, you may contact me.

Updates!!! July 27, 2012

ATWT: Episodes from January 3-May 25, 2005 have been added along with a couple weeks from August/September 2007.

My ATWT page is up to date!

*I've begun to make Katie & Henry edits from the 2005 timeline, list coming soon!

Updates!!! July 24, 2012-I've began the process of updating each page. I will try to get everything updated within the coming month.


Max & Gabrielle Edits have been added!

Spinelli edits have been updated!

Spinelli & Maxie edits have been added!

Jack & Jennifer edits have been updated!

GL: November 1-December 3, 1979 has been added! These are 5 dvds in excellent quality! My GL dvds should be up to date

B&B: Episodes 51-100 have been added! These are 9 DVDs in excellent quality!

Y&R: Various episodes from 1990-1999 have been added. Also, 2011-2012. My Y&R list is up to date!

*Next I plan on updating all the full episodes to reflect my current lists.

Updates!!! July 22, 2012- With Bravehost shutting down, I will no longer be able to edit the old site so, previous links will be out of date.

From now on the website address is:

Please update your bookmarks as soon as you can! I'm not sure how long the other site will be around, but for now I will use it to re-direct traffic.

Please have patience as I attempt to move everything over & I then can begin the long process of updating my lists! Thanks to all!

Updates!!! April 17, 2012- I haven't updated this in forever and I'm still trying to add new material.

DOOL: More 1984 & 1990 added (1990 is now complete)

GL:  2005 is complete & first half of 2006 added.

GH:  New episodes from Feb-March 1981 have been added

B&B: The first 26 episodes have been added. I have the first 100. Full episodes. Great quality. English with NO subtitles. More to be added soon!

*I'm going to be adding a lot more discs as I am really behind on organizing/updating. Keep checking back.

Updates!!! November 21, 2010- A lot new DVDS have been added!

DOOL: Over 200 new discs covering 1992, 2002, 2003, 2005 and a few from 2006.

GL:  Nearly 100 new GL dvds have been added. A few more episodes from the 80s & 1994, 2000, 2001. 1995 has been added.

SB: 6 new discs covering late 1986-early 1987
&idth: 100%; height: 2px;">Updates!!! October 27, 2010- A total of 63 new DVDs have been added:

GL: 34 new Guiding Light DVDs have been added: 14 discs from 1991 & 20 from 2000.

DOOL: 23 new Days discs have been added:  6 from 1991 & 17 from 1993 All in very good to Excellent quality.

Edits: 2 more Lucy & Alan-Michael discs have been added taking their storyline to January 12, 1994. 3 more Blake & Ross edits taking their storyline to August 19, 1992 and Elizabeth Keifer is the new Blake!

Updates!!! October 15, 2010- Another World episodes from 1991 have been added. You can see the list in the MIXED BAG section.

GL: 80 new DVDs have been added: 2004, and June 2007-October 2008

OLTL: 5 new DVDs from 2001 have been added

DOOL: 10 new DVDs from 1991 & 1992 have been added.

GH: 9 new DVDs from 1984/1985 have been added.

MISC/Extras: Award Show DVDs have been correctly updated and an ATWT disc has been added to the MIXED BAG section.

Update!!! July 13, 2010- SEVERAL more DOOL dvds have been added.

Updates!!! May 5, 2010- A LOT of new changes and DVD have been added. I started a numbering system for all dvds. Please be sure to include dates when inquiring about discs as this numbering system will change as I gain more material.


GL: 50 new DVDS have been added covering July 5, 1993-June 16, 1994. Each disc has about 5 episodes (with a few exceptions) and all episodes are excellent-very good quality. This makes 1993 a complete year.

Edits: Richard & Cassie, Gus & Harley and Cyrus & Mariana edits are now available. A few new Bloss edits have been added as well as Jezz and Robert, Holly & Anna. I've also listed all the Jack and Jennifer dvds I have, although many of the discs contain repeat material.

GH: Several more episodes from 1991 added, which brings the dates up to December.

DOOL: 5 more 1991 episodes in excellent quality have been added as well as more 1988, 2001 & 2009.

OLTL: More 2001 & 2009 episodes have been added.

SB: 2 new disc added. These are from 1988.

RH: Several more episodes added.

Updates!!! November 29, 2009- New One Life to Live DVDS added from 2007-2009. DAYS DVDS added from 2009. I've finally updated the Santa Barbara section with the newest DVDS. I also add a couple dvds from The Young and the Restless to the Mixed Bag section.

Update!!! November 28, 2009- 22 more General Hospital full episode DVDS added from 1991. These new ones cover from April 12 thru September 25, 1991.

Update!!! November 24, 2009- The rest of the Carly & Bo edits have been added. This concludes their 1st run storyline!

Updates!!! November 14, 2009- A lot more DAYS added from various years: 1985 1987, 1988, 1991, 2001, 2003, 2004 & 2009. More GL added: early 80s, 90s, rest of 1997 and beginning of 1998 & the last few months of the show.  More Carly & Bo edits added.

Updates!!! September 16, 2009- New Edit DVDs: Carly & Bo edits added and Robert & Anna updated. Check it out!

Update!!! September 15, 2009- 15 discs of OLTL from 2004/2001 and 15 discs of GH from 1991 have been added. 4 new discs of Jack & Jennifer edits from the Island storyline (2004)

Update!!! September 12, 2009- DVDs of DOOL from 2001 have been added.

Update!!! September 3, 2009- I finally got around to adding DOOL dvds and I updated the GL section with my most recent transfers and daily recordings. I also updated the Mixed Bag section.

Update!!! September 1, 2009- I've added some more GL, Ryan's Hope, Santa Barbara and Edits. I've also created the mixed bag page to put all my miscellaneous material. In addition, I've finally got all of All My Children put on dvd.

Update!!! July 27, 2009- I've listed all the GL that I have converted to dvd. Below the dvd you can see what is still on tape that I'm in the process of converting. There is some new material added as well.

Update!!! July 26, 2009- I've updated my edits section with the dvds available. Look for more dvds to be added to the site as I am converting like crazy.

Update!!! June 29, 2008- I added the General Hospital Section. More Guiding Light episodes were added December 1992-January 1993. New One Life to Live tapes added.

Update!!! March 23, 2008- I added the All My Children Section. A Ryan's Hope section was added. New Guiding Light tapes from 1997. (Now I have pretty much all of December 1996-December 1998, which the exception of an episode here and there).

Update!!! March 21, 2008- I had added the Santa Barbara section a while ago. But hadn't added it to the list of updates.

Update!!! October 9, 2007-First update in a a lot of new GL tapes added to site: new Guiding Light added:

These cover May 12, 1992-December 11, 1992

Visit the GL section for more details

Update!!! August 15, 2006- Tapes that I no longer have available for trade have been removed. New edits added:

Days of Our Lives:

Jack and Jennifer Edits Tape 10

Jack and Jennifer Edits Tape 11

Jack and Jennifer Edits Tape 12

Guiding Light:

Lucy and Alan-Michael Edits Tape 4

Visit the EDITS section for more details.

14 New Guiding Light tapes added:

January 5-12, 1994-

January 13-21, 1994-

February 1-8, 1994-

February 9-16, 1994-

February 17-25, 1994-

February 28-March 7, 1994-

March 8-15, 1994-

March 16-25, 1994-

March 28-April 4, 1994-

April 5-12, 1994-

April 13-20, 1994-

April 21-29, 1994-

May 2-9, 1994-

May 10-17, 1994-

Visit the GL section for more details.

Update!!! June 1, 2006- New Edits added. Guiding Light: Lucy and Alan-Michael Edits. Check back for more and for descriptions.

Update!!! March 4, 2006- Edits added and updated.  Guiding Light edits: Harley and Mallet edits added, Buzz and Jenna edits updated and Jack and Jennifer edits updated.  Descriptions to the newbies will be added shortly. To see the newest additions: Click HERE!!!!

Update!!! January 5, 2006- Seven new Guiding Light tapes added!!

Click HERE!!!

Update!!! January 4, 2006- Two new Guiding Light tapes added:

1989- Several full episodes from the week of Blake and Phillip s wedding when Roger shows up with mask on and is shot and then unmasked with a horrified Holly looking on.

VARIOUS CLASSIC Episode Tape- Several episodes from the following years: 1983, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1993. Includes: Reva and Josh's wedding from 1989 at Cross Creek and Billy punching Roger out at the country club when learning about Mindy's affair....and many more.

Update!!! November 17, 2005-New Jack and Jennifer edits and Buzz and Jenna edits added:

Jack and Jennifer Edits Tape 4

Jack and Jennifer Edits Tape 5

Buzz and Jenna Edits Tape 3

Buzz and Jenna Edits Tape 4

Buzz and Jenna Edits Tape 5

Buzz and Jenna Edits Tape 6

Buzz and Jenna Edits Tape 7

For descriptions: Click HERE!!!

Update!!! November 13, 2005- New Buzz and Jenna edits added to the list:

Buzz and Jenna Edits Tape 2

For descriptions: Click HERE!!!

Update!!! November 10, 2005- 2 more Jack and Jennifer edits added to the list:

Jack and Jennifer Edits Tape 2

Jack and Jennifer Edits Tape 3

For descriptions:  Click HERE!!!!

Update!!!! November 8, 2005- 4 new Guiding Light tapes added! The newest additions are:

August 30-September 7, 1993-

September 8-17, 1993-

September 20-28, 1993- Includes Marj Dusay's debut as Alexandra!!!

September 29-October 14, 2005-

For more details on what is on each tape:


Update!!! AUGUST 19, 2005- Eight New Guiding Light tapes added!!!! Here is whats new:

April 13, 1992, April 7, 1992, May 7, 1992 & May 8, 1992

June 23, 1993-June 30, 1993

July 12, 1993-July 21, 1993

July 22, 1993-July 30, 1993

August 2, 1993-August 10, 1993

August 11, 1993-August 19, 1993

March 11, 1997-March 20, 1997

May 27, 1997-June 3, 1997

Want to know what is on the tapes?

Click HERE for more details.

Update!!! JULY 25, 2005- New Guiding Light tapes added!!!!  January 1996 tapes of Brent kidnapping Lucy. 4 tapes recorded in SP mode.  Starting with her kidnapping at the New Years Eve Party until the conclusion. 

UPDATE!! MAY 29, 2005- Edits added and updated.  Days of Our Lives:  Jack and Jennifer.  Guiding Light:  Jenna Bradshaw, Buzz and Jenna.  One Life to Live:  Gabrielle Medina, Gabrielle & Max.  Click HERE for more details.

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