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Marsha's Soap Opera DVDs!

SINCE 2003!

My Wants

Here I will list specific things that I am looking for.
However, I am willing to trade for things not listed on this list.
I am willing to trade for any soap opera material I may not have or for better quality versions of what I already have.

**Additionally, If you have episodes of soaps on VHS and want them converted to DVD format,
I am willing to cover shipping costs, convert the tape(s) to DVD and return the tape(s) along with the DVD version(s).**

Looking for Guiding Light episodes I don't have.
I will also trade for material that I do have if the quality is better or there are missing scenes that I may not have due to Special Reports, etc.
I am looking for any material from 1952-end of the show.

Currently, I am seeking episodes I may be missing/need better quality from 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998 & 1999.
Specifically, I am missing the following:

1999 (entire year)
October 1-3; 8-9; 23; 26-29; 31, 2001
November 5-16; 22 & 23, 2001
December 4; 6-7; 14-31, 2001
April 8-15, 2004

But, basically I will trade for any GL material that I either don't have or need better quality/complete versions.

Looking for ATWT episodes from 2000. Most specifically when Fiona Hutchison guest starred. I have a few, but would like more episodes.

Looking for One Life to Live. Most specifically episodes from from 1986-1994.

Looking for Santa Barbara. I am looking for 1986-1990.

Looking for Young & The Restless. I am specifically I'm searching for 1990-1992 episodes in good quality.

Looking for 4 episodes of One Day at a Time. They are called "The Older Man Parts 1-4" These episodes guest starred Jim Hutton.

Other than that, I am open to trade for pretty much any material however, I place priority on the episodes I am actively seeking. I also collect GH, AMC and DAYS.

If unsure, please always feel free to send me your list so we can work something out.

If interested in setting up a trade...please EMAIL ME [ or]

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